Steps in Purchasing a Unit (for local buyers or buyers based abroad) 

 Step1. After being satisfied with the presentation and site visit (buyer should visit the site or at
least have a trusted
representative visit the site in his behalf), buyer selects an available unit.

Step2. Property Specialist prepares the unit details (price, different payment terms, etc) and sends to the buyer.

Step3. Upon agreeing to the terms for the unit details prepared, buyer pays the P20,000 (US$
reservation fee. Spot Cash buyers are not required to pay the reservation fee.

Step4. Property Specialist gives or sends the following forms to buyer: Reservation Agreement (RA)
and Buyer's Information Sheet (BIS

Step5. Buyer fills up and signs the RA and BIS, and gives back the form to Property Specialist.


 Flexible Payment Terms:

There are various payment terms available at Avida providing flexible schemes in order to accommodate the needs of our clients:

     1. Spot Cash

     2. Two year Interest Free Term
     3. Special Bank Financing thru BPI FAMILY BANK and CHINA BANK 

     4. Standard Bank Financing thru EQUITABLE PCI and BANCO DE ORO


     Please contact us if you would like to see a sample computation.

Remitting of Payments (for purchase of units in the Philippines):  


     The most convenient and easiest way to pay your unit are thru Post Dated Checks.

     - open a checking account in any of the following banks - local and international branch: BPI FAMILY BANK, CHINA 
BANK, EQUITABLE PCI BANK OR BANCO DE ORO (because opening a checking account takes longer than a savings account, Avida Land will gladly assist you on quickly opening a checking account)
     - if you are abroad, you can send all post dated checks thru courier services such as (FEDEX, UPS, DHL). Please notify us or Avida Land the tracking number so we can trace the package.

     - please contact us for additional information regarding payments.


     Note for Foreign Buyers:  


     Please note that foreigners are allowed to purchase/own property in the Philippines provided that:

     1. Total foreign ownership in the condominium does not exceed 40%
     2. For private corporations, 60% of the capital should be owned by Filipinos
     3. Foreigners acquired real property thru hereditary succession (Filipino relatives)
     4. They are former natural born Filipino citizens

     5. For married couples, the spouse is a Filipino and has not renounced his/her Filipino 

          Booking documents such as Philippine TIN and CTC are not required for foreigners. A valid identification such as a Passport, Driver's License, and Social Security Number would suffice.



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